Top 10 Cheapest Visiting Countries

Top 10 Cheapest Visiting Countries In The World .

Rank 1 . Bolivia . Bolivia is first cheapest visiting country in the world . Home to many activities and sites. this cheap country will have you living like a king .Bolivia can get a nice place to stay. Food . transportation . and even alcohol for less than 20 USD per day.

Rank 2 . Thailand . Thailand has been trying to revamp its tourism. as of late and many tourism companies have been offering excellent deals. a huge advocate of hostels . We can get a private room . with a bathroom for less than 30 USD per night . If you are open to bunks .

Rank 3 . Greece . Greece is third cheapest visiting country in the world . With the state of the economic condition in Greece prices are low. and the tourism will help bring in some more much needed money. The country is mind fumblingly beautiful. and features amazing coasts. and architecture . This is one of the best locations in all of Europe for cheap travel .

Rank 4 . Spain . Spain is having similar issues to Greece. and could use the extra money from tourism.The country has a lot to offer as well with awesome food. a rich history displayed through museums . and architecture . and great scenic sites like the Picos de Europa mountain ranges .

Rank 5 . Costa Rica . Cost rica is fifth cheapest visiting country in the world . At a few hundred dollars . Costa Rica has one of the cheapest airfare costs . when traveling from the United States . and the prices within the country aren’t bad either . The Costa Rican Colón has fallen lower than the USD . Besides its an absolutely beautiful country.

Rank 6 .Vietnam . Vietnam is sixth cheapest visiting country in the world . travel in Vietnam for less than 20 USD per day . and may even struggle to spend that much . The country’s dollar known as the Dong . is at a ratio of 1 USD to 21190 Dongs . Even with the rise in tourism in recent years . the country still remains very cheap and that isn’t going to change away anytime soon .

Rank 7 . Romania . Romania is seventh cheapest visiting country in the world . Eastern Europe is very cheap right now . we can get a hostel for less than 10 USD per night . and will only have to spend a few dollars per meal . but we can still find great deals and even better street food . actually be backpacking in Romania next summer on a college budget!

Rank 8 . Sri Lanka . Sri Lanka is eighth cheapest visiting country in the world . The small country in the northern Indian Ocean . is home to botanical gardens . temples . and tea making Sri Lanka a steal.This is the most expensive country on the list. and we will easily be able to afford all the basics that we need while traveling .

Rank 9 . Nepal . Nepal is ninth cheapest visiting country in the world . A tropical country with great food . and a rich history . Nepal is paradise for backpackers . It’s the perfect escape from the craziness of day to day lifestyle . as relax in the countryside .

Rank 10 . Argentina . Argentina is tenth cheapest visiting country in the world . If we want to relax or party . Buenos Aires is well known for its vibrant nightlife . or everyone can visit Iguazu Falls for a relaxing hike . everyone can stay in hostels . bus around and eat for not much money at all .



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