Thanksgiving Icebreaker Games and Questions

You can have people write it in chat or invite them to come off mute and share with the team. When your party kicks off and your team is joining one by one for those first few minutes, you’ll want to have Thanksgiving ice breakers ready to go. With the increase in remote working styles, there are fewer opportunities for “water cooler” conversations between team members. Icebreakers are a great way to warm folks up and get the conversation flowing early on.

  • When playing with friends or family, it’s a fun way to test your familiarity with them and adds an element of creativity to keep everyone guessing about the truths and lies.
  • Whether you celebrate with a traditional meal of turkey, gravy, and all the trimmings or celebrate with a family take-out and movie night, we all deserve a relaxing and carefree holiday!
  • It’s much more fun and you’ll spark creativity among your colleagues.
  • You can also do gratitude activities, thank you cards, Turkey hand art and other fun games and activities.
  • Choose a Thanksgiving Zoom background and amplify your family’s virtual Thanksgiving experience.
  • Rack up points, race to the top of the leaderboard, and battle it out in this wild game of wits.
  • The Movie Game is a fun option for a virtual Thanksgiving, as everyone can take turns providing clues and having the players attempt to guess which movie they are thinking of.

With no planning necessary, this Thanksgiving team building activity is delightfully stress-free. Strike the right balance of food, fun, and reflection this season at your virtual Thanksgiving party! We’ve compiled a list of fall-themed festivities that bring both joy and meaning as you gather to celebrate. Look no further for a wide range of out-of-the-box, team building ideas to add to your party agenda. Encourage your co-workers to connect this November using this list of Thanksgiving office game ideas. For more team building ideas, take a look at holiday team building activities, winter team building, and office games.

Icebreakers Perfect for Virtual and Hybrid Meetings

So, if you are looking for virtual Thanksgiving ideas, this is one you should check out. Ease of Setup – 4 out of 5, the team has the option to get the food any way they want and so it is pretty easy to set up. Ease of Setup – 3.5 out of 5, getting the questions in order can be a little time-consuming but your team will have an amazing time during icebreakers for virtual meetings the event. Whether it is pumpkins, pies, or turkeys, an experienced baker will guide you throughout the class and help you by sharing some great decorating tips and techniques. To make it easier for you, Hooray Teams will deliver the kits with all decorating essentials like icings, fondants, sprinkles, and toppers to participants’ doorsteps.

Codenames is plenty of fun for anyone of any age level, requiring some creativity and clever categorization, as well as some concise communication between teammates. Whichever team can write down the most words that fit the category and start with a certain letter wins that round, collecting points toward the final result at the end of the game. Put your wordsmith abilities to the test with the classic game of Scattergories.

1 How do you celebrate virtual Thanksgiving at work?

Fun Rating – 5 out of 5, as this game is the perfect blend of artistic expression and the holiday and friendly competition. Ease of Setup – 4 out of 5, because usually there is a single host that ensures that your team has an enjoyable experience. Fun Rating – 5 out of 5, the activity is the perfect way to create a ​​festive and enjoyable atmosphere for Thanksgiving.

  • Show off the tricks your dogs, cats, lizards, and hedgehogs can do so they can be a part of the celebration too.
  • Virtual Thanksgiving is a way for you to celebrate with your work colleagues and teammates online.
  • This list of Thanksgiving team-building activities includes several ideas designed to show gratitude, help others, and bond with coworkers.
  • The guests will play detective and try to guess who the suspect is in the murder mystery.

After people submit their answers, ask volunteers to share how they voted and why. We also have a list of ideas for Indigenous Peoples Day, and a list of Native American quotes. Consider also partnering with a Native American cultural association to schedule a more comprehensive guide-led virtual tour.

Virtual Office Thanksgiving Ideas Guide: 25 Party Tips, Games & Activities

The game is traditionally played with four people at a time, a boss, a worker who is late to work, and two co-workers who are not late. Use our Thanksgiving Trivia Quiz if you’re looking for a set of questions to use. In each round, the teams compete to guess as many questions correctly as possible. Musical chairs is a game in which music plays, and everyone circles around a set of chairs without stopping, with the set of chairs adding up to one less than the number of players. Online Cards Against Humanity also features in our games to play over Zoom guide.

thanksgiving virtual icebreaker games

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