Paola Florez, who claims to have had a 20-year-long affair with a ghost

I Had Sex with a Ghost Every Night for 20 Years – But I Dumped Him When I Saw He Had Fangs and the Face of a Gargoyle – Paola Flórez from Colombia

Discover the chilling story of Paola Flórez from Colombia, who claims to have had a 20-year-long affair with a ghost with fangs and the face of a gargoyle. Read about her eerie experiences and the startling revelations that led to their breakup.

A Paranormal Affair: 20 Years with a Ghostly Lover

A Colombian woman, Paola Flórez, has made a shocking claim: she had nightly encounters with a ghost ‘with fangs and the face of a gargoyle’ for over 20 years. Paola revealed her story on the TV show Sin Carreta, aired on Canal 1, sharing that her relationship with the spirit began when she was young. The ghostly lover visited her every night as she slept, initiating intimate encounters that spanned two decades.

A Haunting Relationship

Paola described how she initially felt a hand moving from her feet to her chest while lying down, sparking fear and confusion. Despite the unsettling start, the ghost’s charisma eventually won her over, leading to a passionate 20-year-long affair. However, everything changed when she finally saw his face.

The Frightening Revelation

Paola recounted the moment she saw the ghost’s true form: a large man with fangs and the face of a gargoyle. This terrifying sight ended their relationship, as she no longer wished to have any contact with him due to fear.

She told viewers: ‘One day, I was lying down when I felt a hand move from my feet to my chest. It was strange, I was scared’

Expert Opinions

Psychologist Martiza Montealegre commented that cases like Paola’s are extremely rare, suggesting that demonic encounters are highly isolated incidents. In contrast, parapsychologist Jairo Urbex found her account credible, identifying her ghostly partner as an ‘incubus’—a lower-astral entity that preys on human energy.

Community Reactions

Paola’s story elicited a range of reactions from the local community. Some found it humorous, with comments like, “I’ve also fallen in love with a couple of ghosts, hahaha,” while others were skeptical or dismissive. One person speculated it might have been a ‘satanic spirit,’ and another joked about it being a neighbor in disguise.


Paola Flórez’s eerie tale of a 20-year-long relationship with a ghost offers a glimpse into the mysterious and often misunderstood world of paranormal encounters. Whether you believe in the supernatural or remain skeptical, her story is a testament to the strange and unexplained phenomena that some people claim to experience.

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